Online Casino - South Africa: Best 2020 Casinos + SA Online Bonuses

Welcome to the review that will give you all you need to know about casino South Africa online venues. If you are looking for an online casino South Africa to join, then we will provide you with the best options available to you. We will cover all of the important facts such as payment methods, bonus structure, games choice and much more. The South African market for online casinos is a thriving market and is growing year by year. We will provide you with many links to look through, allowing you a multitude of options to spin away.

Play at the best online casinos in South Africa, check out our Top 3 casinos and start playing

1 Spin Casino
2 Royal Vegas
3 All Slots

With thousands to choose from, the online casino South Africa industry is absolutely booming

Playing a casino on a laptop

For newcomers, an online casino is basically a casino that is based on the internet. They are also referred to as virtual casinos and are an excellent place to play all of your favourite free online casino games. There are thousands of options to choose from, all offering something different while keeping the same traditions as the original casino. There are casinos that offer strict cryptocurrency only options, casinos that specialise in one game, party casinos and much more. Throughout this article, you will find out what makes a top casino for customers and how to get that little bit more for your money.

More people are flocking to online casinos than ever before and there are many reasons why

Betting at a casino is a great experience. Since the first casino started business, people have been intrigued and determined to beat the house and make their fortune. With the introduction of the online casino, people now have more options than ever before. People tend to prefer the online version, and these are the reasons why:

  • With more people working from home and working flexi time than previously, we have evolved into a race that choose comfort. It’s a nice feeling to be sitting in your favourite chair, in your most comfy clothes, with the heating on and playing a number of the top games around. This is what an online casino offers you.
  • A lot of people can feel out of place or over whelmed when walking into a busy casino but by having the luxury of betting from wherever you like, you get to choose who is around you, what people, if any, you make conversation with and just feel relaxed when you are placing your bets.
  • The library of games tends to be a lot bigger at an online casino with new games being added all the time. You also have original games that you won’t find in any land-based casino, so it is a great time to try something different and have a little fun.
  • It is not always geographically possible to just get up and go to a casino whenever you feel like. If you’re fortunate enough to live in close proximity to a casino then that’s good for you, but realistically, there are many customers who live in remote areas where the ability to log in through the app on their phone and play anytime, anywhere with no restrictions.
  • The amount of free bets and bonus offers that are thrust upon players of online casinos, on a regular basis, is immense. To join a casino and get given thousands of Rands to bet with as you please is such a good incentive. And you don’t just get these bonuses when you join, you receive regular promotions and offers all the time. .

You can find your best online casino by following the steps laid out in this casino review

You will see many casinos advertising themselves as the best online casino around so how can we be sure that the casino that we join is truly the best. Realistically, the term “best” is a very subjective phrase and is based purely on opinion. This means, if you find yourself enjoying a casino that all of your friends have described as awful, it may still be the best casino for you. The art of finding a top casino is knowing what is important to you. Knowing what games you like, what hours you enjoy playing, what payment method you intend to use, these and many other things will make up your best casino. Therefore, don’t take other people’s opinions as fact because we all have opinions, and these are what make us unique.

Try out the thousands of free online casino games to establish what your likes and dislikes are

When you are playing some of the best paying online casino South Africa venues available, take the time out to practice at the games. A lot of casinos will allow you to play their games on a free play basis and this practice could make a huge difference in the long run. There are so many different games out there and you may perform better on some rather than others so find out exactly what sort of player you are and try these games.

The thrill of the slots can keep you entertained for hours and win huge jackpots at the same time

The slots machines have always been one of the main draws for casino customers. Using such a simplistic format, they are easy games to pick up and games that you can win huge amounts on with minimal wagers. There are games that people have won the equivalent of over 200 million rand of one spins of the reels. There is a bigger variety of slot games than any other games as well, portraying many different genres. With the option of playing free slots as well, you can learn all of your favourites to perfection to give yourself the best chance of victory every time. Slots constitute over 80% of online casino games and will always be one of the more popular free online casino games.

Choose a number or perfect a strategy and take on the roulette wheel for the opportunity of big wins

Everyone has their own way of playing roulette. It is one of the few online casino South Africa games that people approach completely differently to each other. You can also use you online casino South Africa no deposit bonus to start playing for free and winning money straight away. You make the decision as to what is bets for you the choices you have are fantastic. There are many different strategies used when playing online roulette that they believe enhance their chances. The most popular is the Martingale strategy which works by doubling your wager every time you lose then returning to a minimum bet when you win. You then have the reverse Martingale followed by the D’Alembert, the Fibonacci and the James bond. None of these are definite but they certain boost the odds in your favour.

Work your cards to the maximum and hit 21 so you can dominate the dealer in Blackjack every time

Blackjack is one of the most popular games at an online casino, and one of the main reasons for this is the simplicity of the game itself. The main aim is to get 21 or as close to 21 as possible with 2 or more cards and ultimately, have a higher hand than the dealer. If you exceed the amount of 21 then you bust ands your bet is lost. This game has been played for centuries and it can be good to look out for some of the different variations of the game that different online casinos provide to you.

One of the top games that you automatically think about when playing an online casino is poker

From the old wild west to present day, poker has been enjoyed by millions for centuries. With the popularity of a game also comes different variations and poker is probably the game that has the most popular variants. Poker is a game where you are playing against the other players around the table and the aim is, through good card and better bluffing, to take the chips away from every other player. Take the time to try out as many different formats of the game that there are as they do tend to differ significantly. The 5 most popular versions of poker are probably Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Seven Card Stud, Chinese poker and 5 card draw. There are many other types as well so take your time and find one that suits you.

There are a whole host of other games available to play as well, have fun finding your favourite ones

Aside from the above games, you also have a lot of other games that may not be as advertised as the above games. Baccarat is becoming an extremely popular choice. Craps and other dice games have always been exciting. There are a lot of interesting virtual games that you can play as well such as virtual sports betting and scratch cards. All of these and more are available to you at the touch of a button and with many casinos producing excellent mobile apps that can be used on Apple, Android and Windows, you can take your casino with you wherever you need to be.

There is also the rare option of playing lottery games. Real international lotto’s that carry BILLIONS in jackpots. Don’t believe us? Then just check out our Indian review for Multilotto casino.

You can receive an excellent casino online bonus completely free when you sign up to an online casino

This has become a hugely competitive part of the industry. Every casino wants to generate as many customers as possible and just having the best games isn’t necessarily enough anymore since a lot of the top games are available on many different casinos and aren’t exclusive to just one. So, the casinos started to introduce the bonuses. A welcome bonus generally consists of any of the following:

  • No Deposit Bonus – This is a bonus that the casino simply credits your account with free of charge. There is no deposit needed in order for you to qualify for this bonus and generally, you can use it on any game on the site. There can be stipulations as to the maximum you can win from the free credits so make sure you pay attention to the rules of the bonus.
  • Free spins – Very much geared towards the fans of slots, free spins will give you so many free plays on many of the hundreds of slot machines the casino has. Not a massive bonus for players who don’t really play slot games, but still a chance for people to try something new without having to risk any of their own funds.
  • Matched deposit bonus – This is the main one you will see. When you click onto a casino offering you R2000 when you sign up, the small print will probably say something similar to “if you make a R500 deposit” and then they match your deposit 400%. This can be an extremely beneficial bonus but it’s important to note, don’t deposit more than you wanted to simply to receive a bonus. If you have a limit in mind, stick to the limit.

For that genuine casino feeling, we strongly recommend visiting the live casino online South Africa venues

Live casinos are massive in terms of popularity. When you log on to this part of a virtual casino you will see either a live video feed of a dealer or a live feed of a land based casino. This really makes you feel as though you are in a casino. Some of the best versions have really gone all in with their live casinos so it is definitely something to check out.

This is a very exciting time for online casinos and the experiences are getting better every day

So now you will have all the information that you need to go out and find the best casino for you. If you are a Norwegian customer and are reading this, head over to for more information on your best casinos.

We think that you’ll agree that there is no better time to jump on the online casino band wagon as it is certainly a player’s market at the moment. Best of luck and enjoy.